Growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Sunset Park, Vic Swinton experienced how a strong and vibrant community contributed to the overall wellbeing and progress of the people who live there. Now, more than ever, a strong, vibrant, resilient, innovative, and involved community is needed to effectively address many of the unique challenges facing us today. For the first time in almost a century the city, state, and country are combatting a global pandemic, there is a profound reawakening and resurgence in realistically and permanently addressing social inequalities and injustices, and there is a need to address the plethora of other issues directly impacting on New Yorkers and specifically the residents of Sunset Park.

As your City Councilman, Vic will lead the fight for the important changes to benefit the residents of District 38, such as:

Vic will fight to create additional affordable housing in District 38. Any new multi-dwelling residential housing will be mandated to allocate a percentage of units to low-income families.
Vic will fight to ensure that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) properly maintains properties under their control. Vic understands that public housing should equate to reliable and safe housing for those who need it.
Vic recognizes the inordinate contributions that immigrants have provided to the betterment of this city and this country. Vic will work in conjunction with city, state, and federal authorities to establish an expedited process to eradicate the bureaucratic red tape delaying immigrants from becoming American citizens. Vic is just as concerned to ensure that innocent children are not susceptible to a repeal of or unfair treatment under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).
Vic especially realizes the importance attached to easy access to affordable health care during this time of combatting a global pandemic. The issue of paramount concern to Vic is ensuring and providing access to COVID-19 testing and vaccines to the residents of District 38. He is also aware of how COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted black and brown communities. Vic will fight to ensure that residents of District 38 have ready access to reputable and affordable physical and mental health care. He will look to expand community involvement and medical outreach and resources to the residents of District 38 provided by the established medical and mental health facilities already part of the District 38 community.
Having over 30 years of law enforcement experience gives Vic a unique perspective as to how to address crime. Vic knows the incredible importance of fostering a mutually respectable partnership between the community and the police to have an effective and collaborative approach to combatting crime. Community buy-in and support are crucial to assisting the police in addressing crime. It is this buy-in and trust of the police that is critical for the community to provide the information needed to reduce criminal activity. The surge in gun violence needs to be addressed through precision policing, with the assistance of the community, and with the cooperation of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office. Persons arrested for gun violence must be ineligible for bail and must be progressively prosecuted.

Being a product of the New York City Public School system, and an Adjunct Professor, Vic knows firsthand the quality of education available to students in an environment that fosters learning. He knows the importance of providing teachers with the autonomy and the tools required to provide a suitable atmosphere to encourage learning and independent thought. Vic will work with the Department of Education (DOE) to collaboratively identify unique approaches to bolster successful learning. A better-educated youth will equate to a better New York City.

Vic will strive to accomplish all his campaign goals which in turn will benefit the residents of District 38. With your help and support, Vic Swinton will work with and for you to make District 38 an even better place to work, live and raise a family. Together, as a community and as a team, we can achieve incredible things.